Her name is Tiina of the House LR Tattoo, First of Her Kind, the Unbreakable, Manager of the studio, Fixer of the Broken and Unfixable, Solver of problems, and Mother of Two Cats.
Besides that I’m a regular woman living in countryside.
I’ve worked as a chef for eight years but I last fall I started my Bachelor of Social Services studies. I’m not a tattooist, but I’ve been a client “a few” times, so I have a outlook on studio work from client’s view. My goal is to make things smooth for our customers and tattooers, so that customers can enjoy their time at the studio and tattooers can live up to their full potential: tattooers handle their arts and booking while I take care of all the silent background processes.
I love nature. Sometimes I capture it in photos, but mostly I enjoy just watching it.
INSTAGRAM @tiinamoi