I’ve been tattooing since 2010, and I recently joined LR Tattoo & Art Alliance. I have a degree in graphic design and did that for a long time, but for a few years now tattooing has been my main focus and great passion. I went through a traditional apprenticeship at a studio.

In tattooing I enjoy the challenge of making custom designs for clients, based on the client’s wishes.
The symbolism in visual arts and tattooing has always attracted me and I love an illustrative and storytelling approach to tattooing. I also love balance and contrast in things.
I do mostly tattoos in the New traditional/Neo traditional style, but I also love doing realistic style things. I tend to lend some realistic elements to my style anyway. I love to do big or small, black&gray or colour, all is good! I also really like to do cover-ups.

I also like to travel and attend conventions, when possible.

I’d be happy to hear from you and your tattoo idea. No matter what the subject or size, big or small, I’m always up for a challenge!