I’ve been working in tattoo industry professionally since year 2000. Before that, I started by following my older brother with hand poked tattoos. I studied at Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts, and later photography and neuropsychology at Helsinki University besides tattooing.

My personal style is a fusion of art nouveau, old Marvel comics, realism and ancient mysticism with geometrical patterns. I love to play with colors both in my tattoos and art work (prints, graphics, oil-, water- and acrylic paintings). Other arts, specially graphic art printing is my passion besides tattooing.

My home base is in Helsinki, Finland with LR Tattoo & Art Alliance, which I’m in charge of. I attended to international conventions and did guest spots around the world during all tattooing years. My great inspiration are my beautiful children, who have travelled with me to the edge of the world. I’m also grateful for honored fellow tattooers I’ve got a chance to work with, not to mention my entire family.

INSTAGRAM @lindaraiha_art