As walk-in days has turned out to be busy, and we’ve been receiving quite a lot of requests for holding them, we decided to organize those for you guys!

So from now on, walk-in fridays are held on every friday starting at 11 AM, we let you guys know for exceptions, like one coming ahead: annual Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention on 29th-31st March. Support our tattoo community, and come to check all gifted tattooers from abroad and mainland.

Our whole studio is presented there, welcome to say hi! Tattooers working there this year are Paula, Parvis and HPTiina will be there too to help with your questions. Few slots still available, but be fast, they are filling quite fast. SEE YOU GUYS THERE!

As we are a professional tattoo studio, we love to pull our energies together with tattooing. We support as well other forms of art, so we encourage our members to do other projects besides tattooing. We believe new perspectives are our fuel within tattoo collective.

As mentioned before, Linda is working with her ocean related spin off studio from Utö-island and doing her marine-art. Now Paula is working with dark art collective: Kalve. Little bit more black twist. Go check these Finnish dark artist coalition, and their awesome art. Vega is painting with oils, and we’re waiting HP and Parvis to join our crew soon.

New year, new winds!

As year is ending and holidays are here, we all like to thank for everyone we got chance to work with respect.

Thank you to all clients, fellow tattooers, friends and families who shared few or more valuable moments with us. As all of our eyes are turning to next year after being grateful of the past one, we like to announce how our crew is forming in upcoming year 2019:

Linda, Paula and Vega are continuing with joy as so far. Linda will be working part time from Island studio. We have most effective shop manager Tiina with us, as well as Parvis and HP are joining our resident artists crew. All of us come in peace, values, feet on the ground and of course, personal talents with art of tattooing.

We feel stable and content to bring you guys our collective energy with respect.

PAX, have a very merry Xmas and prosper for the new year from the whole crew☺️


Linda and Paula are working hard with tattoos and art, stay tuned for upcoming art exhibition. Get your small tattoos with short notice studio @ 🙂

We are also happy to announce that we’re getting very creative tattooer working with us on upcoming fall: Warmly welcome Vega. Our warm greets to her former studio Twin City Tattoo and owner Timo, respect.

Vega is booking now, you may contact her vega @

Follow us on instagram to see our work, and enjoy your summer!

Just a quick reminder- for super tiny and small tattoos we are always holding small slots in our schedule. Bigger works always by an appointment.

If you’re in need for tiny tattoo, please e-mail us studio @ or give us a call +358 500 420 923, so we can arrange your appointment/walk-in tattoo asap.

High quality hygiene and aseptics have been our priority values as working in professional studio. EU controlled vegan inks, staff knowledge and training about pathogen cross-contamination and right products for keeping our studio tidy and far from any pathogens is very important for us, no matter is you tattoo tiny or huge.


We have special guest attending in our Art Afterwork 29th of September: Our good and humble friend Mine Güngör is personally present with her adorable jewellery line.

So besides good times, you have an option to get your own MineGüngör’s earrings or neglace to your wife, friend or yourself. Do like they do in New York, where her jewelry was just showcased in New York Fashion Week.

Follow her in instagram👍🏼  and pages

As we’re holding Art Afterwork on 29th Sept, there is a good chance to hold a small auction for ocean restoration.

Linda has done a monotype graphic art print with mixed technique called “PAX”, peace. Our oceans restoration needs good, long term decisions. All profit from this print will be donated to Sea Shepherd’s work for whale defense fund. Naturally highest bidder wins.

You can place your bid on comment field below, or e-mail us.

We did back in days a charity walk-in with Paradise Tattoo for Sea Shepherd’s campaign for Finland’s endangered ringer seals, and we totally liked the organization, and respect all the volunteer work people are doing for our seas.


During all these years we’ve made plenty of different art projects, and now we’ve noticed we have a lot of art in our drawers. Now after moving to the new studio, we have to make some room for new ones.

So, we’re holding a sales day in our studio on friday 29th of September. We’re available in the studio during the whole day, so when you’re free from work, come to have a drink and get some art on your walls.

We have paintings, graphic prints, marker works, originals and prints, water color stuff and so on. And of course, you can book your tattoo appointment at the same time, if you feel so. Anyway, we’d just love to see you and hear your latest news and chill a bit with you guys.


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

– Pablo Picasso



​Frequently asked question about what people need to know before coming to tattoo session is about how to prepare thyself. Basically, you just pop into studio, but there are still few things to know advanced:

TIME. As we live in busy, scheduled life these days, we are constantly in rush. But when having a tattoo, have enough time. Don’t make strict time plans, have some time to recover. Everybody knows, that work done in rush ain’t good.

GOOD HEALTH. We know it sucks to cancel an appointment you waited for long time because of a flu. We try to arrange another one soon as possible. We are not able to do that, if we get your flu and mess up our schedules because of it. Also it is a task for your immune system to heal the tattoo, when it is struggling with other micro-organisms.

REST WELL. Sleep well and don’t do massive amount of sports day before. If you run a marathon or are totally pumped after gym, day after your body is very irritable and has minor inflammation going on. Long session of tattooing burns a lot of calories, and is little bit similar to full workout as you need to bare the whole procedure.

DON’T DRINK. – alcohol. Your body works differently, as it is trying to get rid of the toxic waste of alcohol. We don’t mind to party with you guys, but not when we’re working. If you know what hangover feels like, you really don’t like waist your and your tattoo artist’s time.

EAT. If you want to skip your breakfast, you will feel dizzy for sure. While having a tattoo, you deal with pain, which burns your blood sugars down. With longer sessions you definitely need to have a lunch brake, even you might not feel hunger because of extreme condition your body is going through. Your tattoo artist needs to have those breaks too – they struggle in unergonomic postures and pay maximum focus to your tattoo.

GOOD SPIRIT. Tattoo is made with the client. As you need your tattooer to do the job, tattooers need you to co-work: We need the client to hold steady, not to wiggle and bring negativity to process. If you have mental health issues to deal with, consider strongly about going through long tattoo sessions: If you’re suffering from major heartache or are very depressed, your pain tolerance acts differently.

There are no serious rules even though listing above. We love to maintain a good mood in our working ethics and do not want to make these sound like strict laws. These are just few guidelines we’ve faced during many years of tattooing. You are very welcome still in many shapes and moods, we can’t avoid life happening. These are just something to consider about when arriving to your tattoo session. 🙂

It is a crucial part of life to know when renew your skin.

As a team working together, we were forced to move immediately due bad water damage in our previous headquarters. Sometimes life gives you lemons, but the trick is to see, what is the good side of the incident – ability to make those lemons to lemonade.

Though time was stressful and very hectic, at the end we found ourselves in our perfect getaway-studio, totally free from negative energies. All happened so quickly, and now we’re able to cherish our second home, safe haven in Punavuori, Helsinki.

Place is magic with inspiration and good vibration it radiates around, and it is a joy to work in a place like this. After 13h work, you don’t feel exhausted, but blessed to come again when sun rises. These walls holds so many secrets and stories, that they load some value in this place. Value money can’t buy.

We welcome you to swap energies here and exchange your thoughts, and maybe get a new tattoo as well.