​Frequently asked question about what people need to know before coming to tattoo session is about how to prepare thyself. Basically, you just pop into studio, but there are still few things to know advanced:

TIME. As we live in busy, scheduled life these days, we are constantly in rush. But when having a tattoo, have enough time. Don’t make strict time plans, have some time to recover. Everybody knows, that work done in rush ain’t good.

GOOD HEALTH. We know it sucks to cancel an appointment you waited for long time because of a flu. We try to arrange another one soon as possible. We are not able to do that, if we get your flu and mess up our schedules because of it. Also it is a task for your immune system to heal the tattoo, when it is struggling with other micro-organisms.

REST WELL. Sleep well and don’t do massive amount of sports day before. If you run a marathon or are totally pumped after gym, day after your body is very irritable and has minor inflammation going on. Long session of tattooing burns a lot of calories, and is little bit similar to full workout as you need to bare the whole procedure.

DON’T DRINK. – alcohol. Your body works differently, as it is trying to get rid of the toxic waste of alcohol. We don’t mind to party with you guys, but not when we’re working. If you know what hangover feels like, you really don’t like waist your and your tattoo artist’s time.

EAT. If you want to skip your breakfast, you will feel dizzy for sure. While having a tattoo, you deal with pain, which burns your blood sugars down. With longer sessions you definitely need to have a lunch brake, even you might not feel hunger because of extreme condition your body is going through. Your tattoo artist needs to have those breaks too – they struggle in unergonomic postures and pay maximum focus to your tattoo.

GOOD SPIRIT. Tattoo is made with the client. As you need your tattooer to do the job, tattooers need you to co-work: We need the client to hold steady, not to wiggle and bring negativity to process. If you have mental health issues to deal with, consider strongly about going through long tattoo sessions: If you’re suffering from major heartache or are very depressed, your pain tolerance acts differently.

There are no serious rules even though listing above. We love to maintain a good mood in our working ethics and do not want to make these sound like strict laws. These are just few guidelines we’ve faced during many years of tattooing. You are very welcome still in many shapes and moods, we can’t avoid life happening. These are just something to consider about when arriving to your tattoo session. 🙂