Tattoos got my attention on my early teenage, and first tattoos I’ve made when I was 17 years old. Tattoos became my second job for almost twelve years, while I was working on constructions. I’m definitely working class artist with no bullshit by my side, and I respect my background as construction worker. I started my apprenticeship 2016 at Twin City Tattoo, in Helsinki, where I moved to Pinky Inky Tattoo Studio before working at LR Tattoo & Art Alliance. Big thanks to all of I got a chance to work with.

My favorite styles are strong colorful tattoos with bold outlines, like old school, neo traditional and new school stuff. Also comic-style tattoos are close to my heart. And for sure, I’m not picky, in the world there is never not enough skulls and roses! 😀

INSTAGRAM @tattooparvis