It is a crucial part of life to know when renew your skin.

As a team working together, we were forced to move immediately due bad water damage in our previous headquarters. Sometimes life gives you lemons, but the trick is to see, what is the good side of the incident – ability to make those lemons to lemonade.

Though time was stressful and very hectic, at the end we found ourselves in our perfect getaway-studio, totally free from negative energies. All happened so quickly, and now we’re able to cherish our second home, safe haven in Punavuori, Helsinki.

Place is magic with inspiration and good vibration it radiates around, and it is a joy to work in a place like this. After 13h work, you don’t feel exhausted, but blessed to come again when sun rises. These walls holds so many secrets and stories, that they load some value in this place. Value money can’t buy.

We welcome you to swap energies here and exchange your thoughts, and maybe get a new tattoo as well.

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